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Always have a back up plan!!

>> Monday, 5 March 2012

 So easy to happen.


Harassing Dolphins

>> Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I am sure all users both recreational and commercial have or will experience Dolphins whilst out on their craft. 

This just isn't acceptable behaviour what seems to be operators driving straight through a pod.

The WDCS has lots of information about Whales and Dolphins and I am sure there are many other organisations that do:

It’s one of the most amazing experiences to have a Dolphin ride your bow wave but not something you should actively seek. We know both recreational and occupational users that have received complaints from the public about harassing dolphins, when the dolphins were in fact playing with them. So don't be ignorant and check out the facts.


2012 Training Dates

>> Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thank you everyone for your patience. Please find our K38 UK Open Training Course dates for 2012. We are currently holding Rescue Boat Ocean Operator, Rescue Boat Swiftwater Operator and our Combined courses.


  • 11-13th April 2012
  • 16-20th May 2012 
  • 22-24th October 2012
  • 19-21st November 2012
  • 2-5th July 2012
  • 15-19th October 2012
  • 12-16th November 2012

  • 16-20th April
  • 24-28th September
Please note these courses are to be held at our Hayle Harbour venue in Cornwall.

If you would like further information and prices please don't hesitate to contact Ben Granata on 07875413722 or email

K38 UK Rescue @ Merseyside National Swiftwater Exercise
K38 UK Rescue Police Confined Space Training
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Swiftwater training K38 UK Rescue HQ Hayle Harbour


RNLI appoints Yamaha as an Official Partner

>> Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Two of the best known and respected names in the marine world have announced a new partnership that will bring benefits not only to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Yamaha Motor UK, but also to boaters throughout the UK.

Every purchaser of a new Yamaha outboard engine, from the smallest F2.5 to the mighty F350, V8 will receive 12 months free RNLI Offshore membership worth £68, while supporting the RNLI at the same time. Members receive free RNLI publications including The Lifeboat, RNLI Compass and Offshore for those who actively enjoy the sea. Other benefits include free sea safety advice and product discounts, an RNLI membership card giving access to the RNLI’s College in Poole and the opportunity to attend the RNLI’s Annual Presentation of Awards.

In a special event at the RNLI College in Poole on Thursday 20th October 2011 the official partnership agreement was formally signed on behalf of the RNLI by James Vaughan, Corporate Services Director and Andrew Smith, Vice President Sales & Marketing Operations, Yamaha Motor Europe NV.

The new partnership will allow the RNLI and Yamaha to work together to jointly promote the charity’s fundraising efforts. The first visible sign of this came at the 2011     PSP Southampton International Boat Show where an RNLI Atlantic inshore lifeboat was moored on one of Yamaha’s berths in the Marina, while RNLI fundraisers were stationed on Yamaha’s main boat stand a short distance away.

The new partnership is a natural progression of the existing supply relationship between Yamaha and the RNLI. The charity has been using Yamaha outboards on various rescue craft for over 15 years. More recently the company has not only specified Yamaha WaveRunner VX personal watercraft for RNLI lifeguard beach rescue, but also selected the F115 outboard to power the charity’s fleet of Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboats.

Yamaha have always been proud to supply equipment and products to the RNLI knowing that these engines and personal watercraft were chosen by the RNLI because of their engineering quality, design and reliability. After all when RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew and lifeguards put to sea for a rescue they need to rely completely on their equipment.

David Pougher, Divisional Manager of Yamaha UK Marine Division commented “It’s great to be able to give something back to the RNLI whilst at the same time offering a benefit to our customers with this free membership package. As boaters we all rely on the fact that the RNLI will come to our aid if required when at sea, even in treacherous weather conditions, and this partnership will help support the RNLI and their fundraising activities.”


2011 K38 International PWC Awards Program

>> Monday, 26 September 2011

 The first PWC Rescue awards in the world.

The reason we do what we do. 

its an honour to be part of.


Its hard enough as it is!

>> Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Just returned from Seaworx 2011 and a big thanks must go out to Yamaha UK for inviting us onto the stand. It was very interesting seeing some different RWC derived products but it amazes me why people choose to use wave jumping images in their promo material.

For the past 5 years we have been trying to promote Personnel Watercraft or Rescue Watercraft through the 'K38 Way' of training. A massive component of Shawn Alladios training focuses on discipline. We have at our finger tips an enormously powerful tool (not a toy) capable of speeds in excess of 55 mph.
It is extremely rare that in a rescue capacity we would ever touch these speeds as we run the risk of injuring ourselves, crew and any casualties we have on board.

I think it is fair to say that the negative stereo type associated with these craft is the reason why emergency service managers are often reluctant to  even consider them. I hear about the 'worries' managers have regarding the craft and how their personnel will always be 'on a jolly' that because they are powerful machines 'staff will get injured'. These fears are credible but with a correct training structure that K38 delivers and strong project management injuries will be minimised.

So why do suppliers and commercial users promote what they do with pictures and videos of the craft wave jumping and  driving fast, doing donuts  and chucking loads of spray. Is this not the type of operating that we try to avoid? Is this not the image that concerns the people with the purse strings.

In commercial applications wave jumping shouldnt happen, it puts the operator, crew,  victim(s) and other water users at risk from injury. It is a sign that the operator isn't in control and doesnt fully understand craft dynamics.

Whislt it may look good, surely it is not the best way to promote such a strong rescue tool.


Suited and Booted for Seaworx

>> Tuesday, 14 June 2011

 K38 UK have been invited to join Yamaha Motors UK at Seaworx Commercial Marine Exhibition and Forum  ( as part of a joint commercial users project. K38 UK and Yamaha have been working together for 18 months to co promote K38 Training Programs and Waverunner RWC's (Rescue Watercraft). The project is a fresh approach to Watercraft trials made by Emergency Services in the UK who are looking at Rescue Watercraft as an alternative to traditional patrol and rescue vessels.

Currently Kent and Norfolk Police are trialing the Yamaha Police Spec VX

For further information contact:
K38 UK-Ben Granata- or
Yamaha UK-Mark Pullinger-


K38 UK contact details

K38 UK and Ireland
Master Instructor Ben Granata
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